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Most affordable German Festival

Festivals    Corona: German dance-festivals which  will take  place in 2020                 Corona: German dance-festivals which will take place in 2020.
So far the summer of 2020 has been a disappointment for festival-lovers all over  the world .
After the Corona press-conference in April, all German  festivals  were cancelled.
A summer without  festivals  was hard to imagine for most of us.
No camping with your friends, no great DJ-sets at sunset and not meeting new fun people.
Lucky enough the Corona regulations have loosened up a bit and we are able to share  very good  news.
There are still going to be German  festivals  which will take place.
In this article we list 11 great German dance-festivals and  highlight  the ones which take place in 2020 – during Corona.
Which German  festivals  take place during Corona?.
Today on the 19th of June, the great news was shared that some German  festivals  will still take place during Corona.
Obviously the  organisation  of these festivals need to modify quite a few things to be compliant with the corona regulations.
Lucky for us this does not scare some of the German festivals away.
Below we have separated the festivals in this article in two groups: Click on the links to read more about the festivals.
Festivals which will take place during Corona Wilde Möhre Festival.
Festivals which are still cancelled  Fusion Festival.
Nation of Gondwana.
Feel Festival.
The 3000 Grad Festival.
Garbicz Festival.
Wurzel Festival.
Melt Festival.
Mir Dir Festival.
Akasha Festival.
Lollapalooza Festival Berlin.
Why visit a dance-festival near Berlin?.
For some of you visiting an electronic festival in the east of Germany will mean a bit of traveling.
We understand that this needs to be compensated in some way.
So why should you visit a German festival in the first place.
One of the many great German festival – Feel Festival Reasonable prices A large benefit of techno-festivals near Berlin are the reasonable prices.
Besides the ticket-prices (starting at 70€) also the drinks and the food are very affordable.
Bring your own liquorBesides the reasonable prices it is also great that many electronic festivals allow visitors to bring their own drinks to the festival-stages.
This saves money and waiting in line to get your drink.
Sustainability on Festivals Most of the festivals close to Berlin are very conscious when it comes to sustainability and the climate-change we are facing.
Vegan food-stands, workshops about sustainability and garbage separation are just a few examples of initiatives you will find.
Friendly vibeOn festivals around Berlin you can experience a vibe which you cannot find anywhere else in the world.
This partly has to do with the unique style but also with the fact that many festivals are non-commercial and build by community of friends/volunteers.
The passion of these people gets transferred to the visitors and although there seem to be less rules, nobody is misbehaving and the vibe is awesome.
Festivals around Berlin are all about sustainability and mutual respect     11 Electronic music-festivals in 2020.
This list will hopefully help you decide which German music-festivals you should visit during the summer of 2020.
In the end it is mainly about your personal preferences, your budget and the distance you are willing to travel.
When reading this article, keep in mind that:  All festivals are located near Berlin (maximum 2 hours travel).
We only concentrated on weekend-Festivals (minimum of 2 days).
All festivals are focused on electronic music (Techno, House, etc.).
Below you can find our list with 11 of the best German festivals in 2020.
You can either scroll down or just click on the links we listed below (related to Corona).
In the end we summarised things to help the people who are in a hurry.
Win Free festival-tickets!We are allowed to giveaway free tickets for several festivals.
Checkout our Instagram to join the giveaways.
Fusion Festival 2020.
If you ever read an article about the best festivals in the world, you must have noticed that the German festival called Fusion is almost always featured in there.
Fusion (or Фузион) is one of the most unique festivals in the world and everybody should visit it at least once in his life.
The first edition of this German festival was organised in 1997 and since the beginning the location has been a military in Lärz about 150km north of Berlin.
The last couple of years Fusion was visited by more than 60.000 people so it’s one of the largest German festivals.
The ticket-sales is a bit different than all the other festivals in this list: Instead of just buying a ticket you have to register and hope that you will be one of the lucky people who gets drawn from all the registrations.
It’s a good thing that you can signup as a group though: That way all or none of you will join.
The best German festival: Fusion (© Jonasginter.de)  It is hard to explain what exactly makes Fusion Festival the best German festival.
In the end the festival is just different.
You can feel the unique vibe from the moment you arrive.
Although everything seems to be allowed, nobody is misbehaving.
It’s just a mutual understanding.
Non-Commercial techno-Festival.
Another thing which is different about fusion is that it’s non-commercial: You will not see any sponsoring, the line-up is not published before the festival and everybody can bring their own drinks to the stages.
As mentioned before this benefit can save you quite a bit of money compared to other German festivals in 2020.
Although Fusion offers a versatile mix of music-styles, it’s often referred to as a techno-festival.
Why visit Fusion.
There is just no similar festival to Fusion in Germany.
Fair prices, friendly people and a secret but awesome line-up.
Name: Fusion Festival 2020Address: Am Flugplatz, 17248 LärzDistance from Berlin: 157 kmDate: 24 – 28 June 2020Ticket-Price: 145€Amount of days: 4-5 daysSize: 60.000 visitorsWebsite: www.fusion-festival.deMusic-styles: Electro, Techno, House, BandsLine-up: Line-Up is not available before the festival.
Nation of Gondwana.
Another remarkable electro-festival in the east of Germany is called Nation of Gondwana.
The festival is organised directly at the Waldsee in Grünefeld, which is only 60km from Berlin.
As the name already implies, Nation is located directly at the water and this means you can swim and dance on the beach.
What more do you need.
There are several different stages with a main focus on electronic music.
Nation of Gondwana (© Ringo, Pyonen.de)  What makes Nation of Gondwana so special is the intimate size of the festival: Other festivals get bigger every year but this German festival has been the same size for a very long time.
This enabled the organisation to really perfectionise the festival instead of thinking about growing and making more money every year.
Want to win 2 tickets for Nation of Gondwana 2020?We are allowed to give-away 2×2 weekend-tickets for Nation of Gondwana 2020.
Checkout our  for more information.
Quality over Quantity.
Some of the German festivals in this list go on for almost a week.
Nation of Gondwana is more about quality than quantity.
The festival officially starts on Friday at 16.00 and the large stages stop playing music Sunday at midnight.
Lucky enough there are still a few afterhour-stages which will entertain you till Monday-morning if you want.
If you like the music in the , you will have a great time on this festival.
Both the tickets and the line-up of Nation of Gondwana will be available from the beginning of April.
Why visit Nation of Gondwana.
Three perfect days directly at the water with an organisation who really cares for every single visitor.
Name: Nation of GondwanaAddress: Zur Kiesgrübe, GrünefeldDistance from Berlin: 60 kmDate: 24-26 July 2020Ticket-Price: 115-125€Amount of Visitors: 8.000 – 9.000Website: www.pyonen.deMusic: Electronic MusicAmount of days: 2-3Line-Up: Will be updated in April           03.
Feel Festival 2020.
A German festival which will be organised for the 8th time this year, is called Feel Festival.
One of the many reasons why everyone should visit this festival at least once is the extraordinary location.
The Feel festival is located directly at the water of the Bergheider See and one of the best stages is located on the beach itself.
This means you can literally dance with your feet in the water and every morning you can walk out of your tent directly onto the beach.

This makes Feel-Festival our number one German beach-festival

Feel festival is a real beach-festival (© Berlin-Enjoy.com) The Feel Festival is organised about 130km south of Berlin so can be reached easily.
Just like Fusion Festival, the line-up will be kept secret till a few days before the festival: The organisation wants you to visit the festival for everything it has to offer, not just for a few headliners.
If you want to read more about the Feel Festival you can read our full review of Feel Festival 2016.
5 days of versatile music.
Although Feel Festival is often seen as mainly a techno-festival it offers a lot more music-styles.
Besides other electronic music (House, Minimal, Electro) there is also a band-stage and a stage which offers a lot of disco and 80s-90s music.
All stages are decorated with a lot of love.
The music on this German festival starts on Wednesday at 14.00 and keeps going till Monday 10.00.
Why visit Feel Festival 2020.
This is the best electronic beach-festival with a solid line-up and a reasonable price.
Name: Feel Festival 2020Address: Bergheider SeeDistance to Berlin: 130 kmDate: 9 – 13 July 2020Ticket-Price: 125-140€Amount of Visitors: 15.000Website:www.feel-festival.deMusic: Electro, Techno, Disco, BandsAmount of days: 3,5Line-up: Not available before the festival            04.
Milde Möhre Festival – Corona Update!!!.
The organisation of the Wilde Möhre Festival was not accepting the fact that no festival could take place in 2020.
They never gave up hope that at least a smaller version of the festival could take place.
Where all other festivals were focusing on the next summer already, the team behind Wilde Möhre festival was busy creating a backup plan.
Then, after the state of Brandenburg announced that events with 1000 people are allowed again, they were ready to rumble.
With a slightly different name –  the Milde Möhre Festival – is still going to take place during Corona.
One of the stages at the Wilde Möhre Festival (© wildemoehrefestival.de) What’s going to change because of Corona?.
The Milde Möhre festival is still going to take place on its original location.
Drebkau is located about 120km south of Berlin.
Normally the festival would have been organised for 5000 people at once but because of Corona there will be 5 smaller festivals for 1000 people.
Every single one of these Milde Möhre festivals has its own focus: Firletanz  (14.
– 18.
August) – DJs und Live Acts.
Maskenball (28.
– 30.
August) – DJs, Theater und Kleinkunst.
Seelenschaukel (04.
– 06.
September) – DJs, Körper & Geist und Vorträgen.
Klimperkiste (11.
– 13.
September) – DJs und Bands.
Wundertüte (18.
– 20.
September)– DJs, DIY und Spoken Word.
Increased Price – 159€.
Because the organisation had to invest quite some time and money in being compliant with all the Corona rules, the prices of the tickets were increased to 159€ per weekend.
People who already had a ticket for the original Wilde Möhre Festival can acquire tickets for 139€.
Why visit Wilde Möhre Festival.
So far the only German festival which will take place during Corona.
Name: Wilde Milde Möhre FestivalAddress: Göritz 5, 03116 DrebkauDistance to Berlin: 120 kmDate: 5 weekend in August and SeptemberTicket-Price: 139-159€Amount of Visitors: 1.000Website:www.wildemoehrefestival.deMusic: Mainly electronic musicAmount of Days: 3Line-up: TBA            05.
The 3000 Grad Festival.
Many electro-festivals around Berlin are not organised from a commercial perspective at all.
They exist just because a close community of volunteers puts a lot of effort in the organisation every year.
The 3000 Grad festival is an example of one of these festivals and as a visitor you can feel this being represented in the atmosphere, the stages and the details.
This video shows exactly what we mean.
One of the stages of the 3000 Grad Festival (© 3000-festival.de) On the 3000 Grad Festival you will find a bunch of different music-styles: Different sort of bands, live acts and plenty of electronic DJs.
Besides music there are many workshops and presentations which mostly focus on the topic of sustainability.
All in all 3000 Grad Festival is just a very friendly and accessible festival and you will definitely have a great time when this is the German festival you choose for the summer of 2020.
Early bird tickets for the 3000 Grad Festival could be bought for a bit more than 100€ but these are already sold out.
Now the tickets are priced 125€ and they will go up to 143€ in the last stage of the sales.
This is still less than 50€ per day including camping.
Why visit 3000 Grad Festival.
A friendly vibe with a versatile mix of music and plenty of side-activities.
Name: 3000 Grad FestivalAddress: 17258 Feldberg, Mecklenburg-VorpommernDistance to Berlin: 125 kmDate: 14-16 August 3020Ticket-Price: from 125€ – 143€Amount of Visitors: 5.000Website:3000-festival.deMusic: Bands, Live-Acts, ElectronicAmount of Days: 3Line-up: TBA            06.
Garbicz Festival (Poland).
A festival which is located only 135km from Berlin is called Garbicz Festival.
This festival is a bit of an outsider in this list because it is organised in Poland.
But who cares about borders nowadays.
The Garbicz Festival is located directly at a water, which makes this an awesome beach-festival for the summer.
The photo below probably will most likely get you excited.
The awesome lake of the Garbicz Festival (© facebook.com/garbiczfestival/photos) Every year around 7.000 people visit the Garbicz-Festival which makes it a lot smaller than Fusion or Melt but larger than festivals like Wilde Möhre or Nation of Gondwana.
The festival offers a mix of electronic music-stages with different decorations and styles.
Last year Techno-DJs like Seth Troxler, AndHim, Ricardo Villalobos and more talented names have been performing on Garbicz Festival.
Update: Unfortunately all tickets for the Garbicz Festival 2020 are already sold out… Payment onsite with electronic wristband.
The Garbicz Festival is one of the only festivals which offers cashless payment throughout the weekend.
The ticket-prices of this Polish festival start at 258€ but include 80€ drinks and food-vouchers.
So you do not have to worry about losing your wallet or having too much coins in your festival-outfit.
Why visit Garbicz Festival 2020.
Only the lake should be enough reason to consider this awesome festival in Poland.
Name: Garbicz FestivalAddress: 66-235, PolandDistance to Berlin: 135 kmDate: 30.07 till 03.08.2020Ticket-Price: 258 – 333 Euro (incl.
80€ on wristband)Amount of Visitors: 7.000Website: garbiczfestival.comMusic Styles: Electronic MusicAmount of days 3-4Line-up: Not available yet            07.
Wurzel Festival.
A German electronic festival which might not be known all over Europe but is definitely worth a visit is called The Wurzel Festival.
This festival has a pleasant size with around 8.000 visitors and ten stages.
Because the festival and camping-area are very large you will have plenty of space and it will not feel as crowded as some other German festivals.
All of the 10 stages are dedicated to electronic music.
From disco to house and from techno to dubstep: You can find all of it right here.
We visited this festival in 2018 and can really recommend visiting the Wurzel Festival.
Wurzel Festival 2018 (Berlin-Enjoy.com) The tickets for this festival can be bought for 128€ if you book only one ticket.
As soon as you book 4,6 or 10 tickets at once the prices decrease as low as 100€ per person.
Therefore it makes sense to ask around who else wants to visit this German electro-festival in 2020.
Non-Commercial festival near Berlin (70km).
Zurück zu den Wurzeln Festival (which is the full name) will be organised on a military airport south of Berlin.
With only 70km distance, it’s one of the closest festivals to Berlin in this list.
The Wurzel-Festival fits in the group of non-commercial festivals and is a festival which is all about sustainability, inclusion and mutual respect.
Why visit the Wurzel Festival.
A rather small festival with only electronic music and a nice atmosphere.
Name: Wurzel Festival 2020Address: Flugplatzweg 6, 14913 JüterbogDistance to Berlin: 70 kmDate: 11 – 14 June 2020Ticket-Price: 100 – 128 EuroAmount of Visitors: 4.000Website:www.wurzelfestival.deMusic Styles: All sorts of electronic MusicAmount of days 4Line-up: Not available yet            08.
Melt Festival.
In 1997, more than 20 years ago, .

Some of the most popular German Festivals were organised for the first time

Besides Fusion and SonneMondSterne it was also the year in which Melt took place for the first time.
This dance-festival is located at an abandoned colliery which goes by the name Ferropolis.
The Ferropolis is often referred to as the City of Iron because a lot of large machines and old cranes can still be found on this island.
This might not sound spectacular at first, but the island is a very unique location for a festival.
Besides the nice location Melt also offers 12 different stages with many famous headliners in all sorts of music-categories.
Melt Festival (© facebook.com/meltfestival) Many famous acts.
Compared to many other German dance-festivals in this list, Melt offers quite a lot of artists who are known all over the world.
Altogether Melt is a more commercial festival than German festivals like Fusion, Nation of Gondwana or Wilde Möhre.
In the summer of 2020 names like DJ Koze, Marcel Dettmann, Burna Boy, Ellen Allien, Peggy Gou and Job Jobse will be part of the Melt Festival.
The Ferropolis is located about 140km from Berlin and tickets can be bought for 125 Euro right now but will go up to 154€ soon.
Preparty on Thursday.
The music on Melt officially starts on Friday but there is a Pre-Party on Thursday which costs 15€.
This also means the campsite opens on Thursday already.
but you can already enter the campsite on Thursday.
The better spots will still be available then so this might be a smart thing to do.
If you want to read more about our personal experience at this German Festival you can read this article about the Melt Festival.
Why visit Melt Festival.
Ferropolis is a special location and Melt usually offers quite a few proper names for a reasonable ticket-price.
Name: Melt Festival 2020Address: Ferropolisstraße 1, 06773 GräfenhainichenDistance from Berlin: 137 kmDate: 17-19 July 2020Ticket-Price: 129-155€Amount of Visitors: 20.000Website: www.meltfestival.deMusic-styles: Electro, Techno, Bands, RockAmount of days: 3Line-up: DJ Koze, Marcel Dettmann, Burna Boy, Ellen Allien, Peggy Gou, Job Jobse and many more…           09.
Mit Dir Festival 2020.
So far we have discussed quite a few festivals which we called small because they have around 5.000 visitors.
But when you like to visit an intimate festival, you should consider the Mit Dir Festival in the south of Berlin.
This festival only has about 1.500 visitors and is totally non-commercial.
The organisation is a group of friends who mainly want to have a good time and not loose money on the festival.
An impression of Mit Dir Festival (© mit-dir-festival.de) Mit Dir Festival offers two mainstages and one alternative stage on which you can find a versatile program with Karaoke, Poetry-Slam and other fun and interactive activities.
Add plenty of nice workshops and a lake on top of this and you have a lovely weekend with some of your friends.
Most affordable German Festival.

In our list the Mit Dir Festival is the cheapest German festival near Berlin

Tickets are available from 79€.
This is very affordable if you keep in mind that besides a great party you will be allowed to stay on the campsite for several nights.
Why visit Mit Dir Festival 2020.
An intimate festival with a lovely vibe and a non-commercial and sustainable attitude.
Name: Mit Dir Festival 2020Address: Klingemühle, FriedlandDistance to Berlin: 110 kmDate: 23.07 – 26.07 2020Ticket-Price: 79 – 105€Amount of Visitors: 1.500Website: mit-dir-festival.deMusic Styles: Electronic + BandsAmount of days 3-4Line-up: Not available yet            10.
Akasha Festival.
A German techno-festival which was first organised in 2019 is called Akasha.
Last year’s edition was quite the success so we are curious how this festival is going to develop in the next years.
Akasha is organised centered around an abandoned watermill, which is located about 110km away from Berlin.
The organisation is aiming for a tolerant festival which provides great electronic music in a stunning natural setting.
Akasha Festival (© facebook.com/akashafestivalberlin/photos) The line-up of Akasha 2020 will be communicated bit by bit over the following months.
Tickets are available for 109€ and will not get more expensive anymore.
The campsite opens Friday at 2PM and the music will play from Friday 6PM till Sunday 10PM.
This is quite a bit shorter than many other festivals in this list, which also explains the position of this festival in this list.
Let’s see if the Akasha Festival can deliver the same quality as last year.
If that is the case we are looking at a potential festival for the top-5 of this article.
Why visit Akasha 2020.

A promising newcomer in the list of many German festivals around Berlin

Name: Akasha FestivalAddress: Vorwerk 2, 03099 KolkwitzDistance from Berlin: 100 kmDate: 14-16 August 2020Ticket-Price: 109€Amount of Visitors: 2.000Website:akashafestival.deMusic-Styles: House, Electro, TechnoAmount of days: 2Line-up: Still to be announced            11.
Lollapalooza Festival Berlin.
The Lollapalooza festival Berlin has its roots in the USA but will take place in 6 different countries in 2020.
Besides Brasil, Argentina and Chile the festival is also organised in the capital of Germany.
It will actually be the sixth time it takes place in Berlin: The first edition was organised at Flughafen Tempelhof and since 2018 it takes place at the Olympiastadion.
If you want to read more about the Lollapalooza festival, you can check out our review of Lollapalooza 2019.
Ben Howard on Lollapalooza The Lollapalooza festival offers a large range of music-styles.
You can listen to talented artists, enjoy famous bands and party with popular DJs.
The line-up of Lollapalooza 2020 has some pretty nice names on it already.
A few of them are Rage against the Machine, Miley Cyrus, Timmy Trumpet, Alle Farben and DJ Snake.
Wake up in a real bed (no camping included).
The tickets of Lollapalooza are 155€ for 2-days.
Compared to the other weekend-festivals including camping this price is a higher.
But for some of you it might be an advantage to sleep in a proper bed.
You can choose a hotel in the west of the city or maybe you want to stay in the center to be able to  after the festival is done.
In all cases you will be able to reach the festival by S-Bahn in 20-30 minutes.
Why visit Lollapalooza 2020.
If you like to sleep in a normal bed and still want to see an impressive line-up for several days, this might be the most suitable Berlin festival for you.
Name: Lollapalooza Festival BerlinAddress: Olympiastadion, BerlinDistance from Berlin: 10-20kmDate: 5-6 September 2020Price without camping: 155€Amount of visitors: 35.000 each dayWebsite:www.lollapaloozade.comMusic Styles: Bands, Singer-Songwriter, DJsAmount of Days: 2 (without camping)Line-up: Rage against the Machine, Miley Cyrus, .

DJ Snake and more…          German Festivals which will not be organised again (R

As a visitor you just go to a festival to get a nice mix of music, drinks and fun for a couple of days.
Obviously there is a big team of people who organises the festival and tries to make it as fantastic as possible.
There are loads of different music-festivals in the area around Berlin and therefore the competition is massive.
This also means that not all festivals we have listed in the last years were able to survive.
Below you can find some German festivals which could not be listed this year again: Her Damit Festival – Last Edition in 2018.
Ploetzlich am Meer – Last Edition in 2017.
Greenwood Festival – Last Edition in 2017.

Ploetzlich am Meer Festival (© stanley-rubyn.com)   Summary: Electronic German Festivals

All in all we can conclude that there are plenty of interesting electronic festivals in and around Berlin in 2020.
Deciding between them is hard, even if you have read every word of this article.
In one last attempt to help you decide we have made a small summary of the article below.
Just pick your German festival and keep in mind that you cannot do much wrong with any of the German dance-festivals in this article:    Cheap German festivals.
If you are looking to visit a festival on a budget it is smart to pick one of the festivals with a low ticket-price and where you can bring your own liquor to the stages.
Recommended festivals would be Akasha, Mit Dir or Wurzel Festival.
Large Music-Festivals.
Large festivals can be more impressive somehow.
Being one of thousands who go crazy on the climax of a song can be awesome.
If you like it big you should visit Fusion or Melt.

Parov Stelar Lollapalooza Festival Berlin 2015   Electronic Festivals close to Berlin

You do not want to go that far away from Berlin.
Besides Lollapalooza the closest festivals to Berlin are Nation of Gondwana and Wurzel Festival.
Small German festivals with a great vibe.
In our opinion especially the smaller uncommercial festivals offer the best vibe.
Wilde Möhre, 3000 Grad and Mit Dir Festival.
Oh yeah, let’s not forgot the unique vibe on Fusion Festival.
Electronic Festivals with a great location.
Directly at the beach with many lovely stages are both Feel Festival and Garbicz Festival.
If you love water you have to visit a festival with a stage directly in/on the water at least once in your life.
If you have any suggestion for festival which should be added to this list, just contact us.
Review: Lollapalooza festival 2019 in Berlin.
Review of Melt Festival 2019 – Highlights, Tips and Photos.
Helene Beach Festival 2017: Review, tips and photos.
rohit aggarwal      6 months ago       Reply           thank you for giving me wonderful information.
angeline      2 years ago       Reply           Hi,… Can you tell me a Dance festival / competition around April or May in Germany where many foreign dance groups take part.
We are from Malaysia and we would like to bring our cultural dance troup to participate here.
Hope its a good event to expose our dancers.
Pls advise                            2 years ago       Reply           Hey Angeline, unfortunately I cannot answer that question.
Especially because it is still almost one full year away.
But you can of course contact some of the festivals in the list and ask if you can perform there.
Divesh T      2 years ago       Reply           hey Job, firstly – Thank YOU.
This is the best piece ive read on festivals – I’m specifically scouting for a techno festival in Germany for this year.
I’m definitely visiting Berlin Atonal (would you equate that to be in a “festival list”?), and I’m also looking for another festival.
I came across this new festival –> 18/7001, which apparently happens in the same location as Her Damit; the lineup looks good, and the location is intriguing.
Which of these 3 festivals would you recommend the most (i’ve shortlisted these) –> Greenwood Festival; Nation of Gondwana; or 18/7001 (check it out –> https://7001festival.com/).
The location/setting and the Berlin techno sounds is the most important to me.
✌                            2 years ago       Reply           Hey Divesh, thanks for your comment and compliments.
From these three festivals I would choose between Nation and the new festival.
Because I cannot judge the new festival yet, I can only tell you that Nation is a very nice festival.
So that would be a safe bet.
We will definitely consider listing 18/7001 next year.
Abby      3 years ago       Reply           Hello, Can you tell me if there´s any  party on May.
I´ll be there in between 19 and 21 Thanks                            3 years ago       Reply           Hi Abby, Checkout our monthly party-calendar.
CHRISTIAN RAMOS      2 years ago       Reply            Where can I find that party calendar.
2 years ago       Reply           Hey Christian, do you mean the list with good parties in Berlin for the current month.
You can find it here.
Dale      3 years ago       Reply           awesome.
Tom A      3 years ago       Reply           Hey.
Just wanted to check youve heard about this new festival Akasha in June (I’m not a promoter, just think its looking like a good one): https://en-gb.facebook.com/events/126385137884637/ Hopefully similar vibes to the old berlin festival (in its arena days)                            3 years ago       Reply            looks good.
We might visit the festival so we can write about it next year.
Federico      3 years ago       Reply           Hi!.
Can you tell me if there´s any big party on march.
I´ll be there in between 7 and 15 of march.
Wich places are a Must.
This is my first time there.
Kind regards,                            3 years ago       Reply           Hi Federico, there are some big parties in March, but mostly in the clubs in Berlin.
It is too cold for a weekend-festival.
Keep an eye on the our party-calendar, it will be updated every month.
Jazz      4 years ago       Reply           Anything after September ?.
No festival or EDM concerts in winters ????                            4 years ago       Reply           Hi Jazz, unfortunately there are not big weekend-festivals anymore.
It is just too risky with the weather I guess.
Maybe just come to Berlin and visit some great clubs and parties.
Raver1      4 years ago       Reply           What about the nation of gondwana.
U seriously cant Pick shit like Helene beach Over the nog.
They had maybe the sickest line up this year.
Besides that its real close(45min b car) away From Berlin.
4 years ago       Reply           Hello Raver, I totally agree withy you, we will consider adding it to the list next year.
Nina      4 years ago       Reply           I would like to recommend the Pop-Kultur Festival in Berlin Neukölln in August.
The line up is non commercial and pretty amazing.
Check it out http://www.pop-kultur.berlin/                            4 years ago       Reply           Hi Nina, thanks for the tip.
Burcu      4 years ago       Reply           Hi, just wanted to highlight that the lineup for Berlin Festival is from 2015 and most likely the festival is not going to take place this year because they are on a “Creative Break”.
Maybe you should update the page accordingly ???? Check out: http://www.berlinfestival.de/                           4 years ago       Reply           Hi Burcu, you are right, I also heard about it but forgot to update the article.
Thanks for the tip.
kazantip      4 years ago       Reply           Nature one??.
4 years ago       Reply            you are totally right that Nature One is one of the best German festivals.
But as you can read in the introduction, we only focused on festivals which are about 2-3 hours drive from Berlin.
Have a great summer.
Bollywood Lounge      4 years ago       Reply           Really great festival to enjoy.
Lots of fun can be seen.
Chloe      4 years ago       Reply           So fabulous mate u minks                           4 years ago       Reply           Thanks Chloe, hope you can visit a few of them.
5 years ago       Reply           Thanks for the tips.
We’re looking for a festival in 2016 so this will help.
????                           5 years ago       Reply            Great that my blog could help you decide.
The article with the festivals for 2016 will be online in the beginning of next year.
Sophie      5 years ago       Reply           Great tips – Thanks!.
5 years ago       Reply           Thanks for the compliment Sophie ????.
harsh      5 years ago       Reply           good pitures.
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