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(ESC) Conference Slides + Programs

See my  presentation  at EELive.
If so  you can do wnload the slides from: http://www.newae.com/files/ThinkFastFPGADesignUsing_OFlynn.pdf And the ISE + Vivado HLS Project from: http://www.newae.com/files/ThinkFast_FPGA_Files.zip.

You can also check out additional details at the Programmable Logic in Practice post

which includes videos + examples of other uses of HLS.
April 1, 2014December 29, 2014     conference , short Leave a comment on EELive.

(ESC) Conference Slides + Programs              AtlSecCon Presentation Slides

Alright – if you want a copy of my slides from the presentation today, check out http://www.newae.com/files/ATLSECConSlides.pdf          March 27, 2014December 29, 2014    conference, .

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