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Boomi has streamlined order-to-cash processes at Sprinklr

Sprinklr Streamlines Order-to-Cash With Salesforce and NetSuite Integration


Replacing a Celigo solution that lacked the scale and flexibility Sprinklr needed

Boomi powers seamless data exchange between ERP and CRM systems.
Accurate, up-to-date  information  is saving the finance team from error-prone manual work.
The world’s leading social media management suite, .

Sprinklr is used by more than 1,500 companies globally

The company has grown rapidly, employing 1,300 personnel across 15 countries as  enterprise s continue to adopt its platform.
Equipping finance and sales  personnel  with the right data to be more efficient and productive was a key priority.

Sprinklr needed to streamline its order-to-cash process

improve financial reporting on customer accounts, and establish a single source of truth for finance and sales.

Sprinklr was using Celigo to integrate NetSuite OneWorld ERP and Salesforce CRM

but found Celigo lacked scale and flexibility to handle the growing complexity of integrations.
Problems with data not synching correctly and dissatisfaction with Celigo support also prompted Sprinklr to explore  integration  alternatives.

Sprinklr also wanted to integrate its own platform

which allows customers to build and manage social media campaigns, with NetSuite.
The company was skeptical of Celigo’s ability handle that  integration  without extensive custom coding.
Boomi has  streamline d order-to-cash processes at Sprinklr.
The company can now pull both  opportunity  and final quote data into NetSuite for more detailed insights, eliminating error-prone manual work for accountants.
Sprinklr has also connected NetSuite with its homegrown  operation al platform to enable financial reporting and analysis in NetSuite, rather than manually moving data from both systems into spreadsheets.
And in future, Sprinklr plans to move NetSuite data into  Salesforce  to give sales reps better insights into customer invoicing and payments.

Boomi’s low-code integration platform gives Sprinklr fast

intuitive integration development with flexibility to handle complex integration scenarios.
With Boomi, Sprinklr has been able to streamline and automate  business process es, eliminating previous manual work.
Benefits realized include:  Accurate, .

Up-to-date information in NetSuite to streamline finance

A single source of truth, saving accountants from manual data look-ups.

Unified NetSuite and Sprinklr data for financial reporting and analysis

2x faster integration development compared to custom coding.
Boomi is the sweet spot between UI-based ease of use and flexibility for complex integrations.
It gives us the simplicity we need, but it can handle any complexity that we throw at it.
Eric Luehmann, Global Director of Business Applications, Sprinklr                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Software (social media management)  New York, NY  1,400 Customers.
1,500   NetSuite ERP.
Salesforce CRM.
Sprinklr Drives Efficiency and Insights Across Its Fast-Growth Software Business read more  Sprinklr Saves 300 Hours in Order Processing Across Its Fast-Growth Software Business read more  Boomi helps social media management company Sprinklr connect disparate data sources.

Including NetSuite and Salesforce

to drive efficiency and customer service.
watch video                                                                                                                                                                                                                   We wanted to partner with an integration vendor that was seasoned in the NetSuite space.
Since we’ve been live, I haven’t had to use Boomi support much if at all.
Boomi just works.
Eric Luehmann, Global Director of Business Applications, Sprinklr.
A Dell Technologies Business         © 2020 Copyright Boomi, Inc.
Boomi and your.


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