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ATN OTS- Thermal Smart HD 640 Monoculars

Best thermal optics for hunting: Monoculars, Binoculars and Bi-oculars.
November 12, 2020 by Jasmine P   Leave a Comment  Thermal imaging devices have the ability to detect minute  differences  in heat produced by objects/animals/people.
In the recent past, the  technology  has become popular in night hunting.
This is because hunters need to be able to cut th rough  the darkness to identify their targets.
These devices enable the hunters to detect the heat  signature  of their target animals.
More importantly, the hunter can be able to distinguish between  different  types of animals in the field.
So, thermal imaging devices helps the hunter not only to be  effective  but also stay safe.
Here some of the best thermal optics for hunting.
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ATN OTS- Thermal Smart HD 640 Monoculars.
This is a fantastic and  high quality  thermal imaging monocular that will come in handy in a variety of application.
It has a  resolution  of 480×480 pixels which provides crystal clear images even from a distance.

ATN OTS- Thermal Smart HD 640 Monoculars Editors Rating:    Specifications

640×480 sensor  resolution .
Smart rangefinder.
3d gyroscope and E-compass.
Main features.
3D gyroscope and E-compass.
Gyroscope is a crucial feature that helps to maintain good stability even when the target is moving.
The inbuilt e-compass will enable you to navigate easily.
These are very crucial features that are helpful in navigating in the fields.
Also, the monocular has a soft and delicate zoom to provide impressive clarity.
Wi-Fi enabled.
This is one of the most noticeable features in this monocular.
You will be able to connect it with your mobile devices.
Inbuilt rangefinder.
The inbuilt rangefinder helps to determine how far or near the animal is to make a precise shot.

ATN OTS-HD 384 5-20x thermal monocular

This monocular is recommended for hunting and other outdoor activities due to its advanced features.
It comes with a powerful 50mm lens and magnification range of 2.5-20x with smooth zoom.
This will enable you to get high-quality images.
384×288 resolution.
65mm eye relief.
8+ battery life.
Germanium lens.
50Hz refresh rate.
Main Features.
Obsidian core processor.
This is a high-tech processor that helps to reduce lags even in adverse conditions.
Sensor resolution.
It comes with a high definition resolution of 384×288 pixels that will provide crisp, clear images.
Smart rangefinder.
This monocular feature a smart rangefinder that will help you to measure the distance between you and the prey accurately.
It adjusts automatically to offer a clear view.
After knowing the exact distance and having a clear view, you can use the e-zoom to narrow down on the target.
Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.

It comes with advanced connectivity features such as Bluetooth and Wi-Fi

These features will enable you to share the captured images and videos easily.

Armasight FLIR Command Pro 336 bi-ocular
The Command Pro is perhaps the best thermal imaging bi-oculars on the market

It will enable you to easily identify targets through fog, dust and smoke, whether it is day or night.
Since it has the ability to detect long-wave radiation, you will be able to pick heat radiations from humans, animals and cars.
This bi-ocular features an uncooled microbolometer which has the ability to detect long-wave infrared radiation.
This means that you can pick heat of human beings, animals and engines.
VOx microbolometer detector.
30Hz refresh rate.

Image Processing User-adjustable Image Enhancement tools

50mm; F1/4 lens system.
3x/4x Optical magnification.
AMOLED display.

Remote Control Wireless 5-button

Main features.
The AMOLED display has a resolution of 800×600 pixels and comes with various colour modes such as Black Hot, White-Hot, Sepia, etc.
If you need to stream observations, .

This bi-ocular features a video-out port to send videos in either PAL or NTSC formats


This bi-ocular works with either AA or 123A batteries

It is recommended to use rechargeable batteries to save on cost.

Digital Detail Enhancement (DDE)

It digitally enhances the quality of the image by significantly reducing noise and improving edge sharpening.
Smart scene optimisation (SSO).
This is a fine-tuning computational correction that helps to differentiate target that has heat signature similar to the surrounding backgrounds.
S&L SL-800B 640×480 binoculars.
The S&L SL-800B 640×480 thermal imaging binocular is less popular compared to the other devices listed above.
Nonetheless, it is a military type that includes high-end features that are integrated into a single system.
Whether you are looking for a device for hunting, security or other purposes, this binocular can be effective for a wide range of applications.
In fact, it is the perfect tool to view during pitch darkness.
Uncooled FPA detector.
640×480 sensor resolution.
50Hz refresh rate.
OLED microdisplay.
2500 yards detection range.
Wi-Fi connectivity.
9o x 7o field of view.
Main features.
This is a great feature if you like going hunting or hiking in unfamiliar territories.
Wi-Fi connectivity will enable you to connect the monocular with your mobile devices so that you see your action on bigger screens.
High resolution sensor.
The thermal resolution of this monocular is at 640×480 pixels and 17µm, which will provide detailed images.
Laser range finder.
This is an essential feature that will enable you to measure the distance between you and the target accurately.

Bestguarder WG-50 Digital Monocular

The Bestguarder monocular is the most affordable device on this list.
However, it has outstanding features that make it a handy tool for various applications.

Bestguarder WG-50 Digital Monocular Editors Rating:    Specification

1-5x digital zoom.
5Mega CMOS sensor.
6X magnification and 50mm objective lens.
IR illuminator.
User-friendly interface.
PX4 water-resistant housing.
Main features.
Different resolutions.
The fascinating thing about this monocular is that images and videos can be taken at various resolutions.
They include 2592×1944 pixels, 1600×1200 pixels and 640×480 for images and 1280×720 pixels and 640x480pixels for videos.
Rugged design.
The rugged design means that you can use the monocular even in harsh environments.
Although the viewing range is limited at 350 meters, it is reinforced with a 6x magnification.
The best part is that the display can be switched to NTSC/PAL modes which offer impressive thermal imaging.
There is a wide selection of thermal imaging devices.
In this article, we have reviewed some of the best monoculars, binoculars and bi-oculars on the market.
The preferred choice will depend on your needs.
Our top pick is the ATN OTS-HD 384 thermal monocular because of its superior features and the ability to use it with one hand.
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