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Tag Archives: Plugins                                                                                                                                      Using Facebook in  School : some guidance, and a new plugin.
March 11, 2016               Latest News ,                                              More and more schools I work with are thinking about Facebook as a communication tool with parents.

Here’s a simple guide to its use in school by Alan Mackenzie (@esafetyadviser on twitter)

http://www.esafety-adviser.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/03/Using-Facebook-in-School-a-complete-guide.pdf My own opinion, for what it’s worth is that you should not consider Facebook as a means of communicating privately with your […]                                                        Leave a comment                           Continue Reading  →                                                                                                                             Making Sure Parents Get The Message.
April 20, 2015              Latest News,                                              You may have set up a  successful  class blog.
You might be using Quadblogging and Twitter to share your work with other schools and teachers, but you are finding parents,  guardians  and family less motivated to get engaged with your project, visit your blog and comment.
The “Subscribe by Email” plugin is a very  power ful […]                                                        2 Comments                          Continue Reading →                                                                                                                             Learning Journeys in the Early Years Seminar Program.
March 26, 2014                                                           We are delighted to announce a series of free seminars to show teachers how to use WordPress to build learning journeys for early years children; and how to use our new plugin for recording and tracking assessments against the Early Learning Goals: The 3 hour seminar will include the following: An introduction on using blogs […]                                                        Leave a comment                           Continue Reading  →                                                                                                                             Early Years Learning Journey Plugin Launched.
March 7, 2014                                                           Creative Blogs are delighted to announce the launch today of our Early Years Learning Journey plugin for  WordPress .
Over the last few years several of our schools have developed the use of  WordPress  in the Early Years through setting up of individual private blogs for the recording of assessment.
Such blogs replaced piles of files […]                                                        1 Comment                           Continue Reading  →                                                                                                                             Course: Five powerful plugins to fire up your blogging.
February 5, 2014                                                           Course date: Thursday 13th February, 2014 One of the most powerful reasons for using WordPress through Creative Blogs is that we give you the ability to manage plugins in your site.
We have picked 5 popular and powerful plugins that will make a real difference to your blogging and the course will provide an overview […]                                                        Leave a comment                          Continue Reading →                                                                   1  2 3 Next →.


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