Trivia Tuesday: The last top-10 Heisman finisher for each Pac-12 team

It’s the greatest individual honor in all of college football — the Heisman Trophy.
In the illustrious history of the award, 12 of the winners have come from current members of Pac-12 institutions — one of which will be an answer in this week’s quiz.
Your Trivia Tuesday challenge, should you choose to accept it, is to name each Pac-12 school’s most recent top-10 Heisman finisher. We’ve given you the school, the year and each player’s finish in the final balloting. All you have to do is name the player.
Note: There are 13 players to name, because, as you can see below, one school had two top-10 finishers in the same year.
You’ve got seven minutes…good luck!

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